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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Parting Ways

I've decided to sell Betty and keep the Vulcan.

I just received the front brake master cylinder in the mail and once I install it, she's going to a new home.

I rode her around a little back and forth to work once. I decided I like the Vulcan better. Betty still needs a little work and is still a little on the ugly side.
Another major reason I'm selling it is because I never got the title for it, the guy I'm selling it to has gotten bonded titles before and though it's a pain, it's worth it if you really want the vehicle. He wants it more then I do.

I did ride it a little. A total of about 20 miles. ( with no front brake... not for the weak willed.) I felt like a real bad a$$ with the ape hangers and LOUD drag pipes.

I'll be getting a few hundred dollars more then I invested plus another bike in good condition. Part of the sale includes a 77 KZ650. This is reminiscent of the KZ750 I rode in High School. I'd say the Kawi is worth $600 or so.

All in all, it was an excellent experience and though I didn't see the project to 100% of my vision, I had alot of fun and am completely satisfied with the result.

Had I got the title as promised when I bought it, (Shane is a giant douche), things may have been different.

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